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School of Medicine Mentoring Awards

This award recognizes faculty who have demonstrated outstanding mentoring in the domains of education, service, and/or research to trainees or early career faculty during the past year.

Congratulations to Bassel El-Rayes (Hematology & Medical Oncology), Danielle Jones, MD (Medicine), Melissa Kottke, MD (Gynecology & Obstetrics), Susmita Parashar, MD, MPH (Medicine) and Jason Schneider, MD (Medicine), the winners of the 2019 School of Medicine Mentoring Award!

The below information was pulled from the nominations letters.

Bassel El-Rayes, MD
Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology

"He has contributed to my professional development in several areas such as improving my teaching skills, developing collaborations, academic writing, critical thinking, writing letter of intents, developing clinical trial protocols, writing grants, preparing presentations, and most importantly taking care of patients as best as it could be."

"His compassionate care for his patients was a fundamental factor in my decision to become his mentee, and pursue a career in GI oncology. He continues to guide me on various scientific and research projects."

"Dr. El-Rayes is the resource I turn to for difficult clinical cases. It is through his mentorship of the GI oncology group as a whole, including pharmacist, advanced practitioners, nurses as well as physicians, that we have developed a pathway for the treatment and surveillance of GI cancers at Winship..."

Danielle Jones, MD

Department of Medicine

"Dr. Jones helped me transform that dream into a vision of an exceptional career with impact far beyond my goal of becoming a primary care physician, proposing career goals and achievements I could never have even imagined. After two different institutions, residency, and now fellowship, I still keep in touch with Dr. Jones and she is still inspiring me to dream big."

"Dr. Jones invests compassion and diligence in every aspect of her career. With every mentee, she infuses power and purpose. I now know that a true mentor is someone who can see greatness inside of you that you cannot see in yourself, identify environments in which you will flourish, and push you out of your comfort zone in a way that will always elevate you. Dr. Jones is the mentor that you carry with you wherever you go, and that you always come back to, and I am one of many who are filled with immeasurable gratitude."

“...I cannot imagine having the skills to run a successful clerkship without Danielle’s wisdom and encouragement. In fact, I cannot imagine having the confidence to apply for this position without Danielle’s unwavering support. Danielle saw my potential before I did.”

Melissa Kottke, MD, MPH, MBA
Department of Gynecology &

"Her mentorship does not end when our meetings come to a close. I can rely on her as a sounding board - someone who will listen carefully, understand my intention and provide insightful feedback. Her door is always open; she has welcomed calls from me on weekends and after hours to provide coaching and encouragement. "

Dr. Kottke ranks at the top of all the mentors I have had...combination of thoughtful and practical advice, genuine interest in her mentees' success, and availability are just as valuable as her knowledge and experience. "

"...what makes Dr. Kottke an incredible mentor is her approach to mentorship. She is welcoming and approachable, brings humor and positivity to all of her work, and treats her mentees with a rare warmth and generosity."

Susmita Parashar, MD, MPH

Department of Medicine

"Dr. Parashar has proactively mentored me towards collaborating with both institutional and national expert researchers and develop as an independent clinical investigator. I have also completed Master of Public Health program at the Rollins School of Public Health. I definitely could not have been in my
trajectory of clinical research career without the mentorship of Dr. Parashar."

"...impressed by Dr. Parashar intellectual curiosity, intelligence and talents as an mentor.
Despite being involved in a heavy teaching and clinical schedule and several large research projects she has found time to meet with me on a regular basis and communicates with me via email several times a day, and continuously and proactively works towards my career development."

"In addition to her outstanding clinical acumen, her exceptional bedside manner and patient rapport has influenced my approach to patient care. She treats each patient with compassion and respect and utilizes any possible resources or connections to advocate for her patients."

Jason Schneider, MD
Department of Medicine

"...incredibly consistent in meeting every month to make sure I stay on track on my career goals and to troubleshoot issues that come up within the department or Grady Hospital."

"His dedication led me into internal medicine, into academic medicine, and to my perfect career. His advice and support have created opportunities and inspired me to further my teaching and services skills...."Although I may have become an academic internist without Dr. Schneider, I would not be half the doctor, teacher, or leader."

"Not only has he taught me by example, but he has also selflessly helped me advance my
own scholarly activity by helping me successfully submit grants, initiate research projects within
the clinic, find innovative ways to involve medical students and residents in my work, and
disseminate my research on an international platform."

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