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Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Award

This award recognizes EUSOM faculty who have made significant achievements in ensuring that the climate of EUSOM is characterized by inclusivity and organizational equity through leveraging of the varied attributes of diversity in our community.

Congratulations to Jodie Guest, PhD (Family & Preventive Medicine), the winner of the 2019 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion Award! ​ Read more about the incredible contributions she's making below.

The below information was pulled from the nominations letters.


Jodie Guest, PhD, MPH
Department of Family & Preventive Medicine

"Dr. Guest represented Emory University as the Director of the 2019 National LGBTQ Health Conference. The national conference was held at Emory University which provided an avenue for interdisciplinary submissions and presentations among the Emory faculty. She works tirelessly to promote health education and research efforts concerning LGBTQ issues and inequities."

"She is a research professor in the Programs, Research, and Innovation in Sexual Minority Health (PRISM), is a frequent invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences for her expertise in HIV research, has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, and has been the investigator on more than 50 HIV-related research projects."

"As a volunteer with the South Georgia Farmworker Health Project (SGFHP), she wanted to increase awareness of the health inequalities, discrimination and social injustices that the migrant farmworkers face each day. So, she founded and directs the Teen Corp, a youth medical and philanthropic organization that she brings to volunteer at the SGFHP each summer. Many of the Teen Corp members have gone on the work in the medical or public health fields and are directly contributing to the improved health outcomes of this vulnerable and underserved population."

"Dr. Guest demonstrates compassion, kindness, strength and knowledge as she serves as a tireless advocate for the marginalized and underserved populations. She leads by example. She is the first to volunteer or speak-up for the rights of others. She is genuine and humble in her approach and efforts and has inspired myself and numerous others to be better persons as she “walks the walk” of service and inclusion of all of humanity."

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