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Lifetime Service & Leadership Award

The School of Medicine Lifetime Service and Leadership Award has been established by the School of Medicine Recognitions Committee on behalf of the Dean to recognize a faculty member’s significant service to Emory University School of Medicine (EUSOM) through personal activities, influence, and leadership over the course of many years.

Congratulations to Arthur H. Yancey, II (Emergency Medicine) as the winner of the 2019 Lifetime Service & Leadership Award!​ Read excerpts from the nomination letter below.

Arthur H. Yancey, II MD, MPH
Department of Emergency Medicine

"For 25 years, Dr. Yancey has provided leadership and has served the Emory University
School of Medicine and the broader community with great distinction. In addition to
caring for patients in the emergency departments of Emory University Hospital –
Midtown, and Grady Memorial Hospital, he provides leadership for agencies throughout
metro Atlanta whose EMS clinicians respond to medical emergencies 24/7. He is a
nationally recognized leader in emergency medical dispatch, developing guidelines
implemented internationally. He applies his expertise regionally and locally, serving as the
Medical Director for the City of Atlanta’s 911 emergency medical dispatch program,
Fulton County 911, Fulton County Department of Public Health Office of Emergency
Medical Services, and the County’s emergency medical first responders. "

"Dr. Yancey is dedicated to ensuring patients receive the right care, in the right time,
leading to implementation of many innovative strategies in the Atlanta emergency
medical response system. Notable examples include the Upstream Mobile Crisis
Intervention program, in which Grady EMS partnered with the regional mental health
crisis response enterprise to integrate a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in a quick
response vehicle to assess and better manage patients during an acute mental health
crisis. The initiative reduced transport of mental health patients to crowded emergency
departments by 91% and facilitated improved patient management in a condition
appropriate setting. Dr. Yancey was also instrumental in the implementation of Georgia’s
first mobile stroke unit."

"Dr. Yancey is a man of character and genteel countenance. His modesty is such that no
one that meets him casually would hear him speak of his father, the late Asa Yancey, Sr.,
an Emory Professor Emeritus, the first African-American member of the medical faculty
at Emory University and Grady Memorial Hospital’s first African American doctor and
medical director. Nor would they know that his mother, the late Carolyn "Marge" Dunbar
Yancey, served on the Spelman College Board of Trustees (1972-1999), was elected to the
Atlanta Board of Education in 1982, serving for 16 years, and that she was the first African
American woman to serve on the Georgia Board of Regents. The Yancey family has greatly
distinguished themselves in leadership and service to the community. Arthur H. Yancey,
II, is no exception and continues the family’s legacy of lifelong dedication to humble
service and leadership today."

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