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Regional, National, and International Awards

As part of the School of Medicine's Faculty Recognitions Week, we would like to congratulate the faculty members listed below on their regional, national, and international honors and awards. This is just a sampling of the honors and awards that our faculty members have received over the past year.


Thank you for all that you do for Emory and beyond!

This is not an inclusive list and only includes awards submitted to the Recognitions Committee by Department Chairs.

  • Rafi Ahmed, PhD (Microbiology & Immunology) - Award for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical Sciences, AAMC
  • Laura Aspey, MD, MPH (Dermatology) - President, Atlanta Association of Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery (AADDS)
  • Deborah Backus, PhD, PT (Rehabilitation Medicine) - President, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Martina Badell, MD (Gynecology & Obstetrics) - HIV Perinatal Guidelines Panel, Department of Health and Human Services
  • Dan Barrow, MD (Neurosurgery) - Founder's Laurel, Congress of Neurological Surgeons
  • Frank Berkowitz, MD (Pediatrics) - Clinical Teaching Award, Infectious Diseases Society of America
  • George Birdsong, MD (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine) - Lifetime Achievement Award, College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • Jeremy Boss, PhD (Microbiology & Immunology) - President, American Association of Immunologists
  • William Branch Jr., MD (Medicine) - Interdisciplinary Group Recognition Award, National Academies of Practice
  • Jordan Cattie, PhD (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) - President, OCD Georgia
  • Marianne Celano, PhD (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) - President, American Board of Couple and Family Psychology
  • Amy Chen, MD, MPH (Otolaryngology) - President, Georgia Chapter of the American Association of  Clinical Endocrinologists
  • Suephy Chen, MD (Dermatology) - Naomi M. Kanof Lecture Award, Society for Investigative     Dermatology
  • Max Cooper, MD (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine) - Lasker Award
  • Anastasios Costarides, MD, PhD (Ophthalmology) - Distinguished Service Award, Georgia Society of Ophthalmology 
  • Walter Curran, MD (Radiation Oncology) - American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Gold Medal
  • Michael Davis, PhD (Biomedical Engineering) - Elected Fellow, International Society for Heart Research
  • Cristina Drenkard, MD, PhD (Medicine) - Dr. Lawren H. Daltroy Award for Excellence in Health     Communication, Lupus 21st Century Committee 
  • Christine Dunham, PhD (Biochemistry) - 2018 Cozzarelli Prize, National Academy of Sciences for the Best Biological Sciences Paper published in 2018
  • Greg Esper, MD (Neurology) - Chair, Health Services Research Subcommittee, American     Academy of Neurology
  • Laura Findeiss, MD (Radiology & Imaging Sciences) - President, Society of Interventional Radiology
  • Nicholas Fletcher, MD (Orthopaedics) - Chair, Quality/Safety/Value Committee Spine Section, Pediatric Orthopaedic Society of North America (POSNA)
  • Lisa Flowers, MD (Gynecology & Obstetrics) - 2019 Pete & Weesie Hollis Community Service Award, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)
  • Shelly-Ann Fluker, MD (Medicine) - Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award, American College of Physicians
  • Bryce Gartland, MD (Medicine) - Board of Directors, Society of Hospital Medicine
  • Maura George, MD (Medicine) - Vulcan Teaching Excellence Award
  • Erin Grady, MD (Radiology & Imaging Sciences) - President, American College of Nuclear Medicine
  • Bruce Greenfield, PhD (Rehabilitation Medicine) - Catherine Worthington Fellow, American Physical Therapy Association
  • Abigail Hankin-Wei, MD, MPH (Emergency Medicine) - Secretary of State Award for Outstanding Volunteerism Abroad, Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide (AAFSW)
  • Brandon Harden, MD (Pediatrics)  - Board Member, Pediatric Cardiology National Steering Committee
  • Reena Hemrajani, MD (Medicine) - President, Southern Society of General Internal Medicine
  • Ellen Hess, PhD (Pharmacology & Chemical Biology) - Appointed Member, Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
  • G. Baker Hubbard, MD (Ophthalmology) - 2019 Person of Vision Award, Prevent Blindness Georgia Foundation
  • Neeru Jayanthi, MD (Orthopaedics)- President, International Society for Tennis Medicine and Science
  • Hanjoong Jo, PhD (Biomedical Engineering) - Bernard & Joan Marshall Distinguished Lecture Award, Cardiovascular Research
  • Jamlik-Omari Johnson, MD (Radiology & Imaging Sciences) - Fellow, American Society of Emergency Radiology
  • Veda Johnson, MD (Pediatrics) - Distinguished Honoree, The Dukes Foundation
  • Jennifer Kawwass, MD (Gynecology & Obstetrics) - Clinical Director, Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) Executive Council
  • Matthew Keadey, MD, MHA (Emergency Medicine) - President, Georgia College of Emergency Physicians; Georgia Counselor, American College of Emergency Physicians National Congress
  • Jaffar Khan, MD (Neurology) - Member of Board of Directors, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; Chair, Neurology Review Committee, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education
  • Michelle Lall, MD, MHS (Emergency Medicine) - Board of Directors, Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
  • Wilbur Lam, MD, PhD (Pediatrics) - Frank A. Oski Lectureship Award, American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; Emerging Investigator, Lab on a Chip, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Leslie Lawley, MD (Dermatology) - Elected Member, American Dermatological Association
  • Joshua Levy, MD (Otolaryngology) - Chair, Resident and Fellows Committee, American Rhinologic Society
  • Mary Lynch, MD (Ophthalmology) - 2019 Innovator Award, American Glaucoma Society
  • Grant Lynde, MD, MBA (Anesthesiology) - Treasurer, Society of Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP)
  • April Maa, MD (Ophthalmology) - 2019 AAO Secretariat Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • Susan Margulies, PhD (Biomedical Engineering) - Earl Bakken Plenary Lecture, American Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering 
  • Terri McFadden, MD (Pediatrics) - President, Georgia Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Andrew Miller, MD (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) -  Anna Monika Prize, Anna Monika Foundation
  • Lesley Miller, MD (Medicine) - Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award, American College of Physicians
  • Charles Moore, MD (Otolaryngology) - National Medical Fellowship Excellence In Medical Education Award, 2018 Champions of Health Awards; President, American Association for Cancer Education
  • Kristen Moore, MD (Emergency Medicine) - CORD Faculty Teaching Award, Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors Academic Assembly
  • Andrew Neish, MD (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine) - President, Pluto Society
  • Nancy J. Newman, MD (Ophthalmology) - Distinguished Service Award, North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society (NANOS); Daniel M. Jacobson Memorial Lecture, North American Neuro- Ophthalmology Society (NANOS) 
  • Janice Newsome, MD (Radiology & Imaging Sciences) - Fellow, Society of Interventional Radiology
  • Vandana Niyyar, MD (Medicine) - 2019 Distinguished Service Award, American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology 
  • Joe Nocera, MD (Neurology) - Chair, Rehabilitation Research Career Development Grant Review Panel, Veterans Administration
  • Grayson Norquist, MD (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) - Distinguished Service Award, American Psychiatric Association
  • Anwar Osborne, MD (Emergency Medicine) - Leadership Fellow, Georgia College of Emergency Physicians; Board of Directors, Georgia College of Emergency Physicians 
  • Matt Oster, MD (Pediatrics) - 2018 Charles C. Shepard Science Award, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Chethan Pandarinath, PhD  (Biomedical Engineering) - Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow in Neuroscience
  • Stella Papa, MD (Neurology) - Chair, Scientific Issues Committee, International Parkinson's Disease & Movement Disorder Society
  • Cassandra Quave, PhD (Dermatology) - State-of-the-Art Plenary Lecture IV, Society for Investigative Dermatology
  • Suresh Ramalingam, MD (Hematology & Medical Oncology) - Fellow, American Society of Oncology (FASCO)
  • Phillip Rather, PhD (Microbiology & Immunology) - Fellow, American Academy of Microbiologists; Chair, National VA Merit Study Section
  • John Rhee, MD (Orthopaedics) - Vice President, Cervical Spine Research Society
  • Gerald “Rusty” Rodts, MD (Neurosurgery) - Hugh McLeod Lifetime Achievement Award, Arthritis Foundation; 2019 Person of Vision Award, Prevent Blindness Georgia Foundation
  • Ignacio Sanz, MD (Medicine) - 2019 Lupus Insight Prize, Lupus Research Alliance
  • Stacie Schmidt, MD (Medicine) - National Leadership Award, Association of Chiefs and Leaders of General Internal Medicine
  • David Schulman, MD, MPH (Medicine) - Chair, CHEST 2018, Chair CHEST Congress Thailand 2019,  American College of Chest Physicians
  • Jonathan Sevransky, MD, MHS (Medicine) - Presidential Citation Award, Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Andi Shane, MD, MPH (Pediatrics) - Pediatric Infectious Disease Society (PIDS) liaison, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Healthcare Infection and Prevention Advisory Committee (HICPAC)
  • Shanthi Srinivasan, MD  (Medicine) - Chair, National VA Merit Study Section
  • Sean Stowell, MD, PhD (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine) - Ellis Benson Award, Academy of Clinical Laboratory Physicians and Scientists
  • Samantha Strickler, DO (Emergency Medicine) - Critical Care Section Service Award, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP); Chair, Emergency Medicine Critical Care Medicine Employment Task Force, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
  • Xiangyang Tang, PhD (Radiology & Imaging Sciences) - Fellow, SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics)
  • W. Robert Taylor, MD, PhD (Medicine) - Elected Fellow, American Institute of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering College of Fellows
  • Stephen Traynelis, PhD (Pharmacology & Chemical Biology) - Hodgkin-Huxley-Katz Prize Lecture, Physiological Society
  • Robert Vincent, MD (Pediatrics) - Lifetime Achievement Award, Georgia Chapter, American     College of Cardiology
  • Esther Vivas, MD (Otolaryngology) - Chair, PanAmerican Committee, AAO-HNS
  • Edmund Waller, MD, PhD (Hematology & Medical Oncology) - Editor-in-Chief, Immunomedicine
  • Adam Webb, MD (Neurosurgery) - Chair, Quality Measurement Subcommittee, American Academy of  Neurology
  • Justine Welsh, MD (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences) - Appointed Member, Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities
  • Michael Wolf, MD (Pediatrics) - Fellow, American College of Critical Care Medicine (FCCM), Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • Tim Yoon, MD, PhD (Orthopaedics) - Chair, AOSpine Degenerative Knowledge Forum
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