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Distinguished Service Award

This award recognizes School of Medicine faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding service and citizenship to the Emory community and/or Atlanta and surrounding region.

Congratulations to Meredith Lora, MD (Medicine), Adedapo Odetyinbo, MD (Medicine) and Tammie Quest, MD (Emergency Medicine), the winners of the 2019 Distinguished Service Award!​

Read more about the incredible contributions these faculty members are making below.

The below information was pulled from the nominations letters.

Meredith Lora, MD

Department of Medicine

"She has regularly identified and addressed areas of need, most recently the Grady PrEP program. In response to the Atlanta HIV epidemic, she compiled and led a multidisciplinary team to design a program to prevent HIV in high risk patients. She coordinated with multiple community leaders, local HIV programs, and the Fulton Department of Public Health, as well as with PrEP programs across the country to customize and implement an intervention. "

"...what has been most impressive is her combination of enthusiasm and determination. She communicates the need for the program effectively and when she encounters an obstacle it doesn’t seem to faze her at all. She finds a way to work through it."

"Rather than simply identify the needs, she has proactively and selflessly committed her time to address these and other issues with remarkable success."

Adedapo Odetoyinbo, MD

Department of Medicine

"Dapo served successfully as the Chief Medical Officer for EJCH for 7 years, working through numerous issues ..."

"Dr. Odetoyinbo has influenced positive change in the culture and fabric of medical practice at EJCH. Through his activities on the Board of Trustees, Peer Review Committee, Medical Executive Committee, and Credentialing Committee, he has fostered a fair and just culture, respect and civility, and pride in work. He has advocated for those who do not have a strong voice in their own affairs."

"... instrumental in restructuring the provider care teams for the intensive care unit, bringing about a telemedicine neurology program for acute converting EJCH from a paper record system to an electronic medical record setting up a geographic rounding arrangement and introducing and expanding structured disciplinary bedside rounds throughout the hospital."

Tammie Quest, MD

Department of Emergency Medicine

"Over her 21 years at Emory, she has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to building Hospice and Palliative Medicine in the School of Medicine and Woodruff Health Sciences Center. She is a pioneer in this field and has made Emory a showcase for how palliative care should be provided in the US."

"In her role as Director of the Emory Center for Palliative Care (ECPC) and with her team, she has elevated palliative care at Emory....Today with over 20 faculty members, 15 team members, a strong fellowship training program, and multiple EHC, TEC, and affiliate sites (VA and Grady), these programs are a key part of institutional strategy in team-based care, holistic health, and patient and family focused practice. There is no question that all of these accomplishments have been a result of team effort."

"She is a ferocious advocate, a dedicated and caring clinician and incredible role model. Her service to Emory has been unparalleled."

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