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Innovation for Impact Award

The School of Medicine Innovation for Impact Award has been established by the School of Medicine Recognitions Committee on behalf of the Dean to recognize faculty inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs whose contributions resulted in a significant impact on human health or have the potential to be paradigm-shifting.

Congratulations to Muralidhar Padala, PhD (Surgery) as the winner of the inaugural Innovation for Impact Award!​

Read excerpts from the nomination letter below.

Muralidhar Padala, PhD

Department of Surgery

"Dr. Padala has developed a body of work that has the potential to greatly advance the field of cardiac surgery in the decades to come."

" that he invented at Emory (Cardiac Leaflet Enhancer – patent US9510948 & pending patent WO-2019023138) to correct heart valve regurgitation/leakage in a beating heart, which has the potential to change the age-old practice of open chest, arrested heart surgery for correcting mitral and tricuspid valve disease.

"Dr. Padala has developed this technology from a patented concept, through five generations of prototypes, and recently completed evaluation of the technology in swine followed to 6 months – a laudable milestone, all achieved within his NIH funded academic laboratory in cardiothoracic surgery."

"With the cardiac leaflet enhancer, Dr. Padala proposes to do to heart valves what percutaneous coronary stenting did to coronary blockades – i.e. he proposes to fix leaky heart valves by deploying implants onto the native valve in a beating heart, using thin catheters. This area of research, called transcatheter heart valve repair, is a hot topic in cardiac surgery, and his work is at the forefront."

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